Mexican Artist Cezar Mort

“A Fascinating Adventure between the Trees and the Neurotics”

Cezar Mort is a unique and disruptive Mexican artist, whose endeavor is to create fantasy, joy and mystery. Cezar Mort Reyes was born in the Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca, Mexico on February Tenth of 1994. The South of Mexico, known for its rugged and isolated terrain, shelters a massive amount of history as it was and still is home to several ancient cultures. Oaxaca is a mysterious city surrounded by green walls of nature. It is full of colorful markets, regional traditions, gastronomic diversity, and handcrafts of innumerable shapes. These were some of the characteristics that accompanied César throughout his early life.

Making Of A Mexican Artist

As a child, Cezar used to paint smiling faces on any white walls he could find. A couple of years later he expressed his intention of becoming a professional clown to bring happiness to the children. Then he changed his mind and declared he wanted to become the Pope. Since he seemed to be rich and popular.

“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human” - David Bowie

The first years of high school were challenging for Cezar. During this period he tended to be a lonely and reserved person, he enclosed himself in creating artwork. He liked to paint in private, and nobody was allowed to see a painting before it was finished. He once explained, that the reason he used to do that and still does it’s because people tend to judge the content before its ready to be seen. Cezar likes to create lots of fictional characters that appear on his paintings. Like Margot, a really old and odious lady or Orson the clown who makes everybody laugh. He also likes to add symbolic features like the spirit of his grandmother. She can offten be seen represented in a little red bird who comes to visit the house every day.

Experiance & Training

In 2016, Cezar started college at Lee University in the United States, studying fine arts and music.

In 2018, Cezar started studying refined renaissance painting techniques in France at the Atelier NeoMedici, under the instruction of Master Painter Gregory Pelizzari.

Today, Cezar Mort is an Mexcian artist who has something to say about life in his artwork and music. His art can be an idea that communicates a message or an image that touches people’s feelings. He bases his life in the idea that art is a lifestyle. Cezar frequently states that for him, being an artist is not something you do like painting or singing. It is way more complex than that. It is the way you think, it is the way you dress, even how you walk or speak. How you express yourself and how you perform at every stage of your existence. He is currently experimenting with creating artwork that will remain in the collective memory. The function of art serves a social responsibility, it is a critical inspection of our civilization.

With his unique style Mexican Artist, Cezar continues to redefine what Mexican paintings, Mexican folk art and wall art will look like in the future.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”
- Salvador Dali